Shared Workshop

Do you need to repair a chair, cut a wooden board or work on your DIY project and you know how to do it, but you are missing the right place & equipment?
Rent a working spot in our workshop and all our tools and equipment.

Opening Hours

MO,TUE  2-7 PM
THU  3-8 PM
capacity around 7 people

How Long You Can Leave Your Project in Our Workshop?

your projects in progress can be kept at our place 14 days for free,
every other day costs 40 CZK



Our Tools & Equipment

Besides smile and positive vibes you will find miter saw, circular saw, plunge circular saw with guide rail, jig saw, heat guns, orbital, belt and vibrating sanders, bench grinder, power drill with drill and screwdriver bits, compact router, paints, oils & waxes for wood, wood stains, brushes, wood fillers & glues, various hand tools, sandpapers, …


I want to rent a working spot in our workshop

Do you want to rent a spot in our workshop or you have some more question? Don´t hesitate to ask!

If you want to book a working spot in our workshop, write us day and hour when you want to come. Also don´t keep as a secret what kind of project you would like to work on!


150 CZK / hour / person

For passionate handy mans we offer memberships:

10hrs_1400 CZK (140CZK / hr)
30hrs_3300 CZK (110CZK / hr)


How Does It Work?

Before you arrive send us an e-mail or fill in our form so we know when you want to come and what you plan to work on.

Working spot can be rented for 150 CZK/hour/person. In the price there is working table and use of all our power and hand tools included. You can also use our paints and waxes, but these are paid separately - as well as sandpapers for sanders. More info you can find in complete pricelist.

We suggest to bring working clothes because it can get dusty in our workshop:).

Before you start to work you will have to sign Safety Approval and we would be glad if you would also go through Operating Rules and Terms&Conditions.