You can offer us a furniture

we are not a furniture bazaar, we are a re-use centre


Do you have old furniture, that you want to get rid of, but feel sorry to throw it away?
We are always super happy if you decide to support us and donate the furniture to us.
In return, we can come to collect the furniture with our van for free (in Prague and suburbs).


I want to donate you my furniture

Please, send us photos of the furniture to and we will let you know asap!

For now we collect the furniture just in Prague and its suburbs.


What furniture we accept?

Smaller wooden or partly upholstered furniture cca from the 70’s and older - for some examples check our store.


What we don´t accept

Big wardrobes, cabinets, sofas, big armchairs with no wooden parts are beyond our strength. Also we don’t accept IKEA, because in our opinion it belongs to classical furniture bazaars.


When do we collect the furniture

We collect the furniture with our van every month at least once. The specific date we choose individually due to your preferences and our options.