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Z pokoje do pokoje is a non-profit project that combines re-use centre, shared workshop and various courses. Our aim is to save old furniture and give it a second chance. We also explain to people that it’s easy to renovate old furniture and everyone can do it (we have also started from scratch!). A proof instead of promises is what you can see at our courses of furniture renovation and upholstery. For handymen and those, who don’t have their own garage and workshop we offer our shared workshop - you can rent a spot and all our tools and equipment. We are also able to rent our retro furniture, if needed.



We are three girls who love old furniture and are not afraid to work with various sanders, drills and saws. For us it’s a great adventure to collect furniture that noone wants anymore. But it’s not just about the furniture - we also like to speak with the owners and listen to the stories of every single piece that is given to us. We understand the sentimental value of things and we believe they have soul. We bring all the furniture to our workshop, repair it with our own hands and offer it in our showroom. We don’t strive for perfection, because we believe that the beauty is mostly hidden in imperfections…




Head of our project! Zuzana came with the whole idea, kicked out the first pop-up of our re-use centre and now dwells between grants, excel tabs and bills :).

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If you call us or write us an email, most probably you will speak with Bára. She is the soul of our project, giving it her voice, positive energy and patience. When she is offline, you’ll definitely find her with sander in her hand.

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Tereza korbelová


Tereza can be seen usually in the workshop working on new pieces or with a camera in her hands. She takes care of the webpage and instagram.

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Zuzana Daněčková


Zuzana is the one who will come to collect new pieces of furniture. Often you can meet her smiling at our weekend courses and of course in our workshop (not just smiling, but also working:).

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Denis ciporanov


Denis is our amazing carpenter and runs the furniture renovation courses. And he is a philosophy doctor as well, by the way!

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Jan helps us with collecting furniture with his van and he is the master of logistics!

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